Trauma Care Across the Continuum Conference

Trauma Care Across the Continuum Conference

Trauma Care Across the Continuum     


Trauma Care Across the Continuum 2022

“It’s a Wrap!”


We hope you enjoyed our conference and found some content to take back to your EMS agency, hospital, or clinic that will help promote positive outcomes in trauma care.  We were so happy to be able to bring this conference to you after our three year COVID pause.  Spread the word about TCATC with your colleagues as we hope to grow our attendance for 2023! (December 7th)


Interrupting Violence in our Communities:  Anthony Cooper, Sr.


Wintertime Pediatric Injuries:  Adam Brinkman, MD & Michael Kim, MD

Initial Management of Burn and Frostbite Injuries:  Lee Faucher, MD

Preventing the Lethal Triad of Trauma:  Aurora Lybeck, MD

Clearing-Up Confusion in the Adult Trauma Patient:  Elizabeth Chapman MD, Magda Bertalan, MSW, Kari Hirvela, DNP

Surviving the Las Vegas Harvest Festival:  A Trauma Patient and Family Perspective:  Det. Richard Golgart  (Due to the sensitive nature of this presentation, slides will not be posted)


Trauma Care Across the Continuum 2023 will be here before you know it!  We are tentatively planning to host the conference on December 7, 2023.  Location TBD.  Please ‘like’ South Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council on Facebook or follow on Twitter to stay updated.