S.T.A.R.T Triage

Simple Triage And Rapid Transport


START Triage uses assessment findings to assign a triage priority level to each patient involved in a multi-victim incident (MVI). By assessing the following criteria, responders can accurately determine the immediate medical needs of MVI patients:

  1. Ability to walk
  2. Rate of respirations
  3. Rate of capillary refill (or presence of radial pulse
  4. Ability to follow commands

Use the following START algorithm to assess and prioritize your patients.
START Triage Flow Chart

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JumpSTART is the triage system used to rapidly triage pediatric patients during a mass casualty incident.

JumpSTART provides an objective framework that helps to assure that injured children are triaged by responders using their heads instead of their hearts, thus reducing overtriage that might siphon resources from other patients who need them more and result in physical and emotional trauma to children from unnecessary painful procedures and separation from loved ones. Undertriage is addressed by recognizing the key differences between adult and pediatric physiology and using appropriate pediatric physiologic parameters at decision points.
JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage Diagram